The number of presumptive cases of COVID 19 is rising across Canada and the World.  Rocky View Schools (RVS) have issued some updates on planned school trips in response to the World Health Organization's pandemic declaration.

RVS has release the following statement, "Rocky View Schools has made the decision to cancel all 2019/20 overnight student field trips outside the Province of Alberta, effective immediately. While we support the educational value of national and international field trips, at the forefront of this decision is the safety of students, staff, and members of our community. We acknowledge the challenges that may arise as a result of this decision and are working with schools to minimize the impact on our families."

This is in conjunction with the cancelation of Bow Valley High’s international excursion to Cambodia and other international field trips.  Regular cancellation policies would apply and parents are asked to contact their school principal for information on what can be reimbursed.

Even within the schools, precautions will be taken to keep the students and staff safe that include increased cleaning regimes by the custodial staff and contract bus drivers.  Closure of all water fountains and students should bring a personal water bottle to school.   They are also discouraging children from sharing food, water, and personal items with others.

Al Hoggan, Chief Administration Officer for Rocky View County also recently stated. “Our staff are working closely together to ensure that we stay on top of the situation, and that core services such as fire, enforcement, and road safety will continue to function should the risk from the virus increase.”