Wheat farmers are welcoming the passage of Bill C-79 which will implement a trade deal with the Asia-Pacific Market.

Alberta Wheat Commission Chair, Kevin Bender, says the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership is good news for Canada's wheat sector which is highly dependent on global export markets.

"It essentially reduces tariffs on our wheat going into other countries. Another thing that makes it significant is that we are one of six (countries) at the moment that have signed on to it, so being that we're one of the first ones to sign on, we get that jump on everybody else. So our tariffs will be reduced before later signatories will be."

Bender says, if Canada gets the agreement ratified by the end of December, we'll see tariff cuts this year.

He adds, increased wheat export to countries like Japan could mean more money for farmers as early as next spring.

"With greater exports, that essentially creates more demand, so it's a whole supply demand equilibrium. When there's more demand the price tends to go up and if our product is more affordable to people buying it, they're going to buy more, and then that'll create more demand on our end and hopefully increase price."

The Alberta Wheat Commission says, Canadian wheat farmers will gain a major advantage over the United States since they are no longer a part of the trade deal.