The first stop on a double delivery day for the 104.5 More Country crew was out to Dundas Farms with today's sponsor Strathmore Seed

This is the first time that Seed and Feed has made a stop at the Dundas farm and Wes Dundas said it was a nice site to see them pull up and it was a treat to have lunch delivered for them. 

The Dundas family farm calls Hussar home Wes explained, "Like a lot of farms around here we have been around for a long time, about 100 years for us." 

With 4000 acres of wheat, barley, canola, peas, and lentils he figures the crew should be wrapping up in about a week or so if the weather cooperates, "We are shut down here today it is just too wet to seed in our area, but the good weather is coming so we should be ok."

The Dundas family who are also in the Pedigree Seeding business have much more to keep them busy throughout the year "Yeah, there's about 250 cows, and then I work in the oil and gas industry as an operator and my wife Brandie, is a teacher at the Wheatland Crossing School, and we have a 9 and a 6-year-old." 

Lunch was provided by Mike's Bar & Grill and there are still a few more deliveries left to make this year to nominate a farm today visit