Today (Feb 29), Westmount School participated in its annual Husky Cup.

The Husky Cup is for grades 5 and 6 in the Hockey program and offers students the chance to learn about leadership skills and collaborate on and off the ice.

"It is a really great opportunity for us to showcase and celebrate our students," said the principal of Westmount School, Adam Pirie. 

This is Pirie's first time being a part of the game and seeing the energy firsthand. 

"Westmount has been doing the Husky Cup for four years now and it's a great opportunity for the kids playing hockey."

Hockey  The Black and White Husky's come head to head. (Photo taken by Jillian Warrack). 

The hockey program runs from October to March and the Husky Cup is an accumulation of the year.

"I just think that anytime you can get together as an entire school and cheer on your classmates, that's special."

Coach Kyle Tucker is the main organizer and coach along with Brad Huntley.

The match concluded in a 5-4 victory for the Black Huskies. 

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