Following a brief pause due to the winter, the City of Chestermere announced earlier this month that the Rainbow Road Twinning Project has resumed.

The project serves to improve connectivity, safety, and efficiency for residents and commuters by turning the two-lane road into a four-lane arterial cross section.

The initiative is also expected to bring in a median, left turn bays, and channelized right turns at intersections.

"This phase has been carefully planned with a focus on sustainability, minimizing disruptions, and ensuring the highest standards of construction quality," wrote the city on its website.

Phase 1 of the project began in the summer of 2023 and ended the last week of October. As for Phase 2, it began back in April and is expected to last until August.

The scope of the project includes:

  • Two southbound lanes between Merganser Drive and Waterford Boulevard.
  • Left turn bays in both the northbound and southbound directions at four intersections.
  • A two-lane roundabout at the intersection of Rainbow Road and Merganser Dr.
  • A multi-use pathway along the west side of Rainbow Road.
  • A street lighting system.
  • Catch basin and tie ins to the existing storm system.

The full accommodation strategy for the Rainbow Road Twinning Project is available on the City of Chestermere's website.