Going away to compete on a provincial level is an experience you carry for your whole life. It was something that members of the U14B Strathmore Thunder Fastpitch Softball team experienced this weekend as they travelled to Medicine Hat to take on teams from all across Alberta.

A season full of training, hard work, and practice got the team to the City of Calgary Championships, where they played well and clinched the championship.

Mark Screpnek coach of U14B team says, “Throughout the season we played really well, we probably performed higher than we first expected we would. We were strong either we were in the top three in the regular season all year, and then we ended up finishing in top place in our Calgary league.” The team was the number one seed going into playoffs before winning the championships in Calgary.

“That was a great experience for the girls but also just a great win and accomplishment to win the Calgary City League,” said Screpnek.

At provincials this weekend, the U14B team played Medicine Hat, West Valley Warriors from Calgary, the Calgary Adrenaline and a team from Lloydminster.

“We had a lot of fun and we tried hard but we had some adversity with a couple of girls getting injured. 

It was a good weekend,” said their coach. The weekend was challenging, and it was hot.

“We had some good battles,” he said. Like in their first game against Medicine Hat.

“It was a close game overall. We beat West Valley Warriors from Calgary who we played for most of the season.,” he said. Then the team plated the Calgary Adrenaline and Lloydminster.

Hopefully, next season all of the members of the team will be able to play together under the new Softball Canada U15 age category.

Coach Screpnek says, “It was a great group of girls. They were very welcoming. They were a great team. They were just probably one of the best groups of girls and teams that I've coached. It was a great accomplishment and a great year overall.”