West to Indus to visit the crew from Hilton Ventures was where the 104.5 More Country Crew headed today of today’s Seed and Feed delivery powered by JMR Mechanical with lunch provided by Mike’s Bar and Grill.

Dane Hilton said that they are ahead of schedule this year, “It has been great the guys have been working really hard and we haven’t had any hold ups for weather or breakdowns.”

With 16,500 acres to seed the crew does have a full load this year planting Malt Barley for Origin Malting and Brewing as well as wheat and Canola for Rogers Foods.

Hilton said that their family have been farming in the area since 1910 and this year they are definitely hoping for some much needed moisture.

“We need some rain for sure, we are still in a dry trend for this area.”

With the crew getting close to wrapping up seeding there is still a lot of work to be done, the summer is taking up with spraying and hauling grain and getting equipment ready to harvest all over again.

The team is out in the field with their Flames flag blowing in the wind and hope to wrap up today's work in time for the game! 

Today’s delivery was sponsored by Strathmore Motor Products, to nominate your farm head to strathmorenow.com.

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