Dinosaur Hill and the Dog Park in the Industrial Park have become very icy after the weather warming recently.  Some residents have reported on social media about injuries caused from sledding at Dinosaur Hill due to extreme icy conditions. 

The Town of Strathmore’s Marketing and Communications Analyst Danielle Jensen says the Operations team undertakes regular maintenance of Strathmore’s outdoor spaces to keep these areas as safe and enjoyable as possible.


She also states that “Straw bales are in place at Dinosaur hill for the safety of sledders and pathway users. While we conduct inspections of sledding hills regularly, there’s no real way to 'close' these areas.” 

At the dog park, the team regularly inspects and maintains the fencing, entrance, and waste bins. Paw-safe ice melt is also being used as ice control. There is no formal pathway system inside the dog park, and nothing is plowed inside the fence line, Jensen explains.  

“We recommend that residents use their judgment when it comes to outdoor recreation. During freeze-thaw cycles like the one we’re experiencing now, ice can be expected. Residents should adjust their activities for the conditions or wait for conditions to improve.” 

It's best to use caution when enjoying these outdoor activities with your furry friend or with your children during the warmup this season. 

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