Local singer-songwriter Kevin Knopf will be bringing the Kevin K Band to Strathmore on August 3rd for a full 90 minute show of original music.

Knopf and his family have made their home in Strathmore for the past 17 years. This past spring he got the chance to bring his acoustic set to the Origins Malting & Brewing stage being able to perform locally again is something that he is looking forward to "I am super stoked really excited about it, this is going to be awesome." 

Growing up in Flin Flon, Manitoba Knopf has been writing and playing for many years.  This year Knopf  had the opportunity to perform in a songwriters circle at the Alberta Country Music Awards ( ACMA)  in January, headed to Turner Valley last month to perform at a fundraiser to honour our veterans, as well was out in Lethbridge last month for an acoustic show with Megan Dawson and Clint Baker in support of dementia awareness. 

Whether it is playing a fundraiser show, a stripped acoustic show in a taproom or a show for the ACMA's Knopf always entertains. 

The Strathmore Stampede has added the Kevin K Band to their lineup this year, there is excitement to bring this three piece band including himself on the guitar, a bass player, and a drummer to Strathmore

"To be able to play in my hometown first is a thrill and to play at one the biggest rodeos in Canada,  it's just such a great show so it's a thrill to be able to play for such a great organization and so many people for all over the world will be there." 

Along with the excitement of a hometown show there is always fun to be had with every live show and only a three piece ensemble, "It's challenging as a guitar player you are the only real melodic instrument playing the chords and stuff, so I can't go off on these extended solos because it sounds empty the challenge in a three piece is keeping your arrangement sounding really full and we like it like that."  

When not performing as a solo act, Knopf plays mostly in a three piece band, and loves the atmosphere it can create, and getting to have that closer connection to the audience. "It's all original material. We put together a real good show for folks, and there's a little bit of storytelling. It's just a ripping fun time." 

After many years of volunteering with his family at the Strathmore Stampede, Knopf cannot wait to get on stage, and bring the tailgate party feel directly to the Strathmore Stampede with his show.