With the heat wave in the area, people are more likely to develop heat-related illnesses, and doubly so for dogs.

Stephanie Peregrym, owner of Fluff n' Furious, a mobile gym for dogs, spoke with StrathmoreNow about the effects that the heat can have on pets.

"Dogs are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illness, like heat stroke or heat exhaustion, because they can only get rid of their temperature by panting or sweating through their paws," said Peregrym. "They're very limited."

The average dog's internal temperature is about 38°C, and an increase of just two degrees can be dangerous, or even fatal.

"Anything over 29.5°C is what they consider extreme heat for dog, and so with this week all over 30°C, we've already hit that mark," added Peregrym.

Peregrym gave some advice on how to keep dogs cool in the hot temperatures, such as going for walks in the early morning or evening, using puzzles for dogs to keep them stimulated, and making sure they have plenty of fresh water.

"If you have the ability to give them a water exercise, lots of dogs love to splash in the water in the hot temperature," explains Peregrym.

You can also purchase accessories to help keep your dog cool, such as cooling mats, cooling bandanas, and cooling vests.

Despite the heat, Fluff n' Furious is still operating, as their mobile dog gym is climate controlled.