Local Strathmorite Devin Olson was one of 43 players who skated in the Hockey Marathon for Kids game.

Players took to the ice to raise funds for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation while trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most consecutive hours of playing ice hockey. 

"I have two daughters, and the Children's Hospital has always been close to me and my family, so it was a no-brainer for me to join in," Olson expressed. 

The hockey game is played for ten days straight, which equals 262 hours. 

"Most players were on the ice for 140 hours. We couldn't leave because the Guinness Book of World Records watched us closely. We didn't know the time or the day; we just followed the schedule."

Olson said that, in the ten days, he might have gotten around 16 hours of sleep.

"By the time you got off the ice, you went and usually soaked in a cold bath. Then you would grab something to eat and try to get an hour of sleep before you had to turn around and get back onto the ice."

Olson said they were very well taken care of, explaining that they had chiropractors on site, massage therapists, and even acupuncturists. 

Olsen was motivated to finish the game by seeing the faces of every child coming from the Children's Hospital who was watching them play it.

"As soon as you see them, talk with them, and be around their spirits, you forget every ache and pain because you know you are doing this for the right cause." 

Every player got to play for a kid from the Children's Hospital, and Olsen's kid, Kohan, became his hero.

"He just lit up the room. He's gone through a lot since he was born, and seeing his face as I played made everything worthwhile. What we did is tough, but it is nothing compared to what these children go through daily."

The Hockey Marathon for Kids game ran from April 5 to 16 and raised $1.5 million for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. 

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