Today (Feb 14) is a day filled with love, many couples take this day to reflect back on their love story.

To commemorate this day, we will be sharing the story of the Huxted's who have been married for 40 years.

"We did not know each other before we started dating. I went to school with his sister," said Bonnie Huxted. 

Bonnie and Colin met at a party and their first date was in Colin's gravel truck. 

"He was driving gravel truck at the time, driving through the highway in town. That was really one of our first dates," expressed Bonnie.

The Huxted were married on December 10, 1983, at the Cheadle Hall.

"It was a cold December day; the car froze up on the way out. We were late to our own reception because the car quit, and we had to find a ride back. Somebody had to come and rescue us," said Colin. 

As for how the couple have been married as long as they have been, they had this to say:

"Learn to listen and say yes a lot," said Colin.

"I think just keeping humor and everything in the relationship too. I mean, he's been a practical joker from day one, not so much anymore. But first, starting out, we had a lot of fun. Keep things light in a relationship is what I would say," expressed Bonnie. 

In regard to how to deal with rough patches in a relationship, the Huxted said they don't really remember having any.

"We had our, our little things here and there, but there was nothing really major," Bonnie said.

"I really don't remember any rough patches. We work together and we have learned how to argue, how to disagree and how to resolve it," Colin explained. 

For Valentines Day the happy couple is headed to dinner and then to watch their granddaughter do gymnastics. 

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