Yesterday (Feb 15) Rocky View Schools (RVS) board of trustees approved a name for the new Langdon High School. 

The school has been named Horseshoe Crossing High School. 

“The Board is excited to select a name symbolizing Langdon’s community and history while paying homage to Langdon’s emblem, an upside-down horseshoe,” said Board Chair, Fiona Gilbert.

Gilbert explained the horseshoe represents both good fortune and generosity of spirit, two characteristics they wish for the new school community.

In a press release from RVS, they said the “Horseshoe” mirrors the town’s geography, notably its horseshoe-shaped railway turnaround. The school’s location near landmarks like the “Iron Horse” Fields and Deadhorse Road underscores the region’s rich equestrian and railway heritage.

“Crossing” symbolizes the historic paths of the Blackfoot people, who camped in and around the area of Langdon in their travels.

It can also be representative of the journey students undertake toward their future.

“Langdon is the Good Luck Town, so Horseshoe Crossing is a very fitting name for this school. It was an honour to work with community members to develop a meaningful school name that reflects the history and rural roots of the area. We now look to the new school community to create their history and traditions," said Ward 2 Trustee, Shelley Kinley. 

The name is the result of work done by a Naming Committee established last year in December. 

The committee included the local RVS trustee, divisional and school staff, community representatives, parents/guardians, and a student. Members of the community were also allowed to suggest potential names to the committee.

“Naming a new school is the first step in developing a unique school identity. We are excited to see how this new educational community embodies this name and develops its school culture in the coming years," said Superintendent of Schools, Greg Luterbach.

Construction of the school is ongoing.

Horseshoe Crossing High School will open for Grades 9-11 in September 2024, with plans to expand to Grade 12 the following year.

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