13-year-old Emma Bretz is the month of November's Birthday Club winner!!

"We did a little bit of a part on the weekend and then this weekend she is going to her mom's to do another party," said Emma's dad Jeff Bretz. 

When asked if there was anything in particular that Emma wanted for her birthday, her dad Jeff said the list goes on and on. 

"The big present that she wanted and got was a big makeup table."

Emma loves to swim, so she is going to be really excited to have a pool party at the Strathmore Travelodge. 

"Happy Birthday Emma! I cannot believe that you are a teenager already!" 

If you would like to be a part of our Birthday Club and have your birthday message read out on air during the 104.5 More Country morning show and be entered for a chance to win a pool party - enter here at StrathmoreNow.com.   

Thanks to our sponsor The Reps of Remax Key and to the Travelodge for providing a pool party every month, there will be another lucky winner very soon!   

Congratulations to Emma on winning this month's Birthday Club!

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