Environment Canada is issuing rainfall warnings for Southwest Alberta, which could mean places like Airdrie, High River and Okotoks could see 70-125 millimeters of rain by Wednesday. Will Strathmore also be hit?

Danielle Fingland with Environment Canada says we should expect some rain, but should avoid the main storm.

"Strathmore isn't in the very heavy area, but that doesn't quite mean that you're avoiding the storm altogether. We are still expecting between 30 and 50 millimeters by Wednesday for the Strathmore area."

While that's not quite as bad as what other areas can expect, Fingland warns not to take it lightly.

"30 to 50 millimeters is still a pretty significant amount as well. There could be some thunderstorms embedded with these rain showers, so that's definitely a possibility."

Even though Strathmore is expected to avoid the severe rain, Fingland says it's important to stay updated in case things change.

"Keep up to date on forecasts, things could shift slightly. We aren't expecting that at this time, but keep an eye on the alerts and keep an eye on the sky."

The next three days is forecasted to be rainy, with potential thunderstorms today and tomorrow. Despite the rain, we could see highs of 15 to 20 degrees, and the lows aren't exceptionally cold, with the lowest being 6 degrees later this evening.

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