At 9:25 a.m. on Wednesday (Sept. 7),  Alberta Emergency Management Agency issued a statement saying the RCMP is cancelling the Civil Emergency Alert in the province with regards to the suspect Myles Sanderson.

Sanderson is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant as part of an investigation into a series of mass stabbings that left 11 people dead and 18 injured.

"This situation continues to develop and if a new alert is required because there is once again a threat to human life, a new alert will be issued. The RCMP in Saskatchewan continues to search for Myles Sanderson and the public should continue to be on the lookout for him."

The 32-year-old is facing three counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of break-and-enter

Police still consider Sanderson to be armed and dangerous. If he is seen, police advise not to approach him and immediately call 911.

"The Saskatchewan RCMP would like to thank the public for their diligence in providing pertinent information about potential sightings of Myles Sanderson. Police continue to encourage the public to report any information relating to this investigation to their local RCMP detachment or by calling 9-1-1."

On Tuesday, there were reports that Sanderson had been spotted on the James Smith Cree Nation, though according to police, further investigation determined he was not located in the community.

"The RCMP continues to search for him. As his whereabouts remain unknown, we urge the public to take appropriate precautions."

Damien Sanderson, who was the second suspect police believed to have been involved in the mass stabbing, was found dead on Monday in the James Cree Nation.