Although not officially a national sport, the history and passion for curling is deeply entrenched in the mosaic of Canada.  To increase participation and interest in the sport, the partnership with Curling Canada and the Egg farmers have created the Rocks and Rings program that visits elementary schools.  Lynn Anderson teaches the Physical Education Program at Ecole Brentwood Elementary School and felt that awareness of the sport for her students was extremely important, "It introduces the students to the sport of curling, just awareness of the sport, maybe they will watch it on TV, maybe they will actually join one of the curling clubs. We do have a junior curling club in town that a lot of kids aren't aware of, and it can be a life long learning a skill they have."

The program is all-inclusive and the great thing about the activity is that it is all brought to the school gym.  There is a missing element with the lack of ice,  but many of the key elements are still there.  Anderson talks about the skills they do get from a dryland version of the sport, "They're learning about the rocks going on to the house, getting the closest to the button, how to score the game and how to take turns. A little bit about the broom but not at this level."

The program will run for two days for these young curlers, and in the higher grades, some ice time will be experienced.