Canada's wheat industry is facing yet another challenge.

As a result of a diplomatic dispute, shipments of Canadian wheat and barley will no longer be accepted into Saudi Arabia.

Cereals Canada President Cam Dahl says this particular issue is much bigger than grain.

"Some of our other market access issues, whether it's the GM issue with Japan that we recently came through, or Italy, or concerns with Peru. Those are all really grain industry related. Some issues we have a small level of control over...I'm not sure whether the grain industry is going to have much of a say on how quickly this gets resolved."

Dahl added that protectionism around the world is increasing, and it will take a concerted effort from the Canadian government to help alleviate some of these market access issues.

He notes Canada exports about 135,000 tonnes of barley to Saudi Arabia each year. The wheat number is around 70,000 tonnes per year.


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