The Calgary Flames had their playoff hopes dashed earlier this year, but there are still fans that are keeping track of the chase for Lord Stanley's mug.

The Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks are now the final Canadian teams left vying for the cup.

As of Saturday, the second round playoff series is tied 1-1.

We asked Strathmore residents if they are still following the action.

"I'd say I'm maybe leaning Edmonton a little bit only because they have more Canadians actually on the team. I think there's only two or three on Vancouver. But yeah, just to see Lord Stanley above the 49th where it belongs," said Flames fan Greg Peplinski.

Longtime Oilers fan Darrin Hansen is hopeful to see his team make a deep playoff run.

"I'm pretty confident the Oilers got the team this year that they can take out Vancouver. It's sad that there's only two Canadian teams left, and they happen to play each other, but that's the way the playoffs go."

Trevor Nederhoed grew up east of Edmonton and says many Oilers fans are thinking a cup or bust situation this year.

He believes having two Canadian teams facing off against each other is big for hockey fans in the country.

"It's exciting to have Canadian teams in there. You kind of get sick of watching all the American teams win every year."

Outside of Canadian Tire in Strathmore there were even fans of the Montreal Canadians like Mason Cockx. He told us his grandson is an Oilers fan, so he'll be supporting him.

"I'm all pro-Canada. I wish we'd had some down east and have an all-Canada final."

The last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup was in 1993.

Game three of the series goes Sunday night.