Halloween is coming up in less than two weeks and Strathmore residents are busy decorating their homes.

Christine Scott is going above and beyond this year by turning her home into a projected Halloween video show, for everyone to come and enjoy. 

Scott and her family have a history of fun displays.

"I've wanted to do it for years but hadn't just because it is such an investment for all the equipment and shows but it's mapped to our exact house. So, it just fills the shape of our house."

There will be three-to-five-minute clips of Halloween fun from Micheal Myers to The Nightmare Before Christmas

"I am excited about this. This is something brand new this year. Normally people start with about one show. We're starting with five."

Scott says she's ready to see all the smiles on Halloween night. 

"We are fully stocked on candy and expecting that we're going to have a lot more people probably hopefully coming to check out the house because of the effort that I've put in and my family to put in. We just want everybody to see it and enjoy it." 

The clips will be playing on her driveway (336 Ranch Garden) starting on Friday (Oct. 20) just after 7 p.m.

She says her family is planning on doing something similar for Christmas. 

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