Hello Strathmore! In case you don't read who the author is, it's Tommy Osborne from, you guessed it, StrathmoreNow.

Today is my last day with StrathmoreNow, and even though my time here was relatively short I gained so much. Having the opportunity to tell the stories that matter to you and being trusted to report on your lives and experiences was truly an amazing privilege, and one that I never took for granted. Earning the trust of the community and telling the stories and news that matters to you was always my top priority, and I can't thank you all enough for supporting StrathmoreNow and trusting us as your local news source.

Strathmore is the first small town I lived in, and it was my first small-town experience, as I've only lived in or visited big cities. When I first got here I wasn't too sure what to expect, and it really surprised me in all the best ways. You always hear about small-town kindness, but Strathmore and its community really take it to the next level. Not only did I get to experience this firsthand as a community member, but I also got to report on it and share these incredible stories, which was an opportunity I was incredibly grateful for.

While I'm off to Prince George BC for my next job, I know that when I come back to Alberta I'll definitely have to stop by Strathmore. There is so much I love about the community, like the beautiful golf course, fantastic restaurants like Baldwin BBQ, and above all else, the people that make Strathmore the kind, wonderful community it is.

Thank you again for everything Strathmore, it was a joy and honour to be your local news reporter! StrathmoreNow will be left in amazing hands with Haley Carter, so please continue to stay up to date with all of your local news on our website, as she'll continue to deliver all the important stories that matter to you.


eMeeting and spending time with community members like Drew Gregory was always a blast! This was when I got to speak with him about his new single "Neon Time," which remains one of my favourite country music songs
eBeing live on location and many fun events was one of the huge highlights of this job, and I especially loved the car shows. This was from Pure Country Meats' and Zegil Automotives' car show earlier this year. Halloween is also my favourite day of the year, so getting a photo with this cool skeleteon was a no-brainer for me
eStrathmore Stampede was definitely a new experience for me, and interviewing and meeting the contestants for Miss Strathmore Stampede was always a great time! Not only were they all wonderful people, they gave me some more insight into what the Stampede is all about.
eCarseland Aggie Days was one of my first live on locations, and it was pretty awesome meeting these adorable baby kangaroos
eI definitely will be coming back, hopefully I'll be able to visit the Strathmore Stampede again!