The Sacred Heart Academy (SHA) gymnasium was full of cheering students this morning, as they cheer on grade 6 student Anabelle Morse who cut her hair to join the fight against cancer. SHA's Terry Fox Run campaign kicked off today, and during an assembly Morse's parents and several teachers helped cut her hair in front of the school to begin the fundraising.

Explaining that her grandmother died from cancer three years ago, Annabelle said she wants to do whatever she can to help support cancer survivors.

"It feels pretty amazing to give up your hair to someone who cannot grow it by themselves," she said.

This is Anabelle's second time doing this, as she also cut her hair to support cancer fundraising when she was in grade one. She spent the last five years growing her hair to cut it again this year, but luckily re-growing her hair wasn't much of a challenge at all so she was happy to donate again. She expects to once again donate her hair five years later when she grows it out, so we will most likely see another donation on the way when she gets to high school.

Anabelle's mother Amanda said she's very proud of her daughter for stepping up to support people battling cancer, and called it an inspiriation for the whole school community to do what they can to support everyone impacted by cancer.

"We were able to see her do it last time too, so to see her get up there for her last year at the school, she moves to the junior high next year, it's really special," Amanda said.

Anabelle added SHA principal Paulette Chotowetz already donated $200, which she was extremely happy about. SHA's total fundraising goal is $4400, and if you would like to support Anabelle, the school, and cancer research, you can donate here.

hairAnabelle's hair before she cut it
hairAnabelle's hair after she cut it.

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