Written by Bow River MP Martin Shields

It’s official, the 44th Parliament has begun – finally. 64 days after the election, the Speech from the Throne was delivered by our Governor General on behalf of the government. This was the first time the Throne Speech was read in three languages: English, French, and Inuk. A great reminder of the many cultures and traditions we have in Canada and may we continue recognizing the importance of our First Nations people. However, the Liberal message in the speech was deemed largely uninteresting and uninventive by several political pundits. Opinions aside, the only sure thing that this speech truly needed, it was bereft of. That need is solutions for our ailing economy. The cost of living is skyrocketing, inflation is ballooning, and the Liberals seem disinterested in addressing what is quickly becoming the single focus of Canadians. The sad reality is that far too many Canadian families will not be able to afford food and necessities – and the Liberals don’t seem to mind.

This is what happens when we have a government that, in the words of the Prime Minister himself, “doesn’t think about monetary policy.” Indeed, the Prime Minister believes money grows on trees and has a conveyor belt of limitless spending at his government’s disposal. The unfortunate results of this line of thinking are in plain sight: at the grocery store, at the gas pump, and on the real estate market. Basic economic theory tells us that too many dollars buying too few goods will inevitably lead to higher prices. Simple supply and demand. This affects the middle class the most – because many people are earning too much to qualify for government support programs, but don’t have enough to make significant investments – thus seeing their money in the bank lose value every single day.

Canadians deserve a strong, ethical, and competent government. My Conservative colleagues and I will do everything in our power to hold the Liberals to account and ensure Canadians’ livelihoods are protected from the inflation machine. We need a government that will reduce unnecessary spending, increase production in our energy industry, incentivize business, get rid of bureaucratic red tape and regulation, and get Canadians working again. The time for catchphrases and posing for photo ops is long over. Here in Ottawa, the political class just doesn’t understand how difficult it is around the country, and frankly many don’t care. It’s a sad reality of a culture that has formed due to a government more concerned with being popular rather than implementing solid policy to benefit Canadians. The people of this country want a government that will work in person, in the House of Commons. Not over zoom in an office. The Prime Minister and his government want to skirt accountability. I will be working in person in the House of Commons and so will my Conservative caucus. As constituents, you voted for us to work for you – not to sit on a computer over zoom.

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Martin Shields

MP Bow River