The Strathmore Soccer Association (SSA) has been a staple for community engagement and physical activity for nearly two decades. However, previous COVID-19 regulations temporarily diminished its capacity to serve its membership with regular programming.

Now that regulations have eased up and things are getting back to ‘normal’ the SSA is looking forward to an exciting outdoor season.

Ryan Parkins the Technical Director of the SSA explains what the association has planned.

“We have four Club teams playing games and we have two district Leagues playing games. We have games pretty much every week going on in the Ranch Soccer Field. So, people can take in that if they want to watch a club game. In addition, we're in the process of planning whether or not there will be a summer camp offering.”

In addition, the Cavalry club program, which allows teams like the ones under the SSA to sell tickets to regular season Cavalry FC home games and receive $5 back from every ticket. It's giving the SSA a unique opportunity as Parkins explains.

“Via the Cavalry club program, we get a day where we'll be the featured local club. For Strathmore, our day is July 27th at 7 p.m.. If people were to attend that game at Spruce Meadows, they would see our under nine youth players doing halftime games. We'll also have kids that will be helping do the ticketing as they enter the door. Also, We'll have some of our youth players as the ball people on the edges of the field.”

In addition, the SSA’s website offers a raffle program under its supporter HQ section that can win you some expensive tickets to a Calvary FC home game at an economical cost!

The SSA is a community-driven and operated organization, Parkins illustrates the impact on the community he has seen during his time with the non-profit association.

“Our organization has become increasingly good at creating a sense of community. A community within the community if you will that looks like connecting kids to their peers, connecting junior players to younger players, creating mentorship programs. We're giving our youngest players someone to look up to that isn't necessarily an adult. I think we're excelling at that right now and impacting the community by creating those connections.”

Since we are already on the topic of community, Parkins wants to show his appreciation for Strathmore in supporting the SSA

“We have well over 200 players, which is one of our biggest seasons yet, so that’s a big boost in a post covid world if you can call it that. We're also seeing a lot of renewed interest in the upcoming World Cup in November. Having Canada qualify and then the fact that we are potentially hosting in North America there's a real renewed energy towards the sport and it's piqued a lot of interest in new younger players so we really appreciate the way the community has stepped up to support our club.”

Big things are in store for the Strathmore Soccer Association this outdoor season. If you missed out on registering for the outdoor season, registration opens in September to join the SSA soccer programming for the indoor season. If you are interested in supporting SSA, check out their HQ tab at or connect with them on their Facebook or Instagram.

Regardless, a clear passion for both soccer and the community is evident. And the community of Strathmore will be a little brighter and more active this summer thanks to their efforts.

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