Strathmore High School is excited to bring a little football to Strathmore this spring to help develop a love for the game in the local community. 

Coach of the Strathmore Spartans and teacher at Strathmore High Kyle Tucker explains 

‘The camp begins on May 30th and will run until June 11th. It is designed to help those players that are relatively new to football and those younger players moving up to the high school level to make sure they have the basic fundamentals of tackling and defensive skills and offensive skills to succeed in the fall season.”

Tucker also explains what he hopes participants bring away from this experience 

“The goal for this year is tackling, defensive skills, learning our defence, learning our offence, and learning how to be a good team player. On top of giving students a real game experience at the end of it all, in a modified football game in Okotoks, we're going to a Jamboree.” 

Tucker also hopes that this program will encourage locals to cheer for their local high school football team. He also hopes it will give some students and kids a positive experience in their high school years. 

Participants can register with a visit to Strathmore High School locker room which is by the west entrance or by contacting Tucker at

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