February has been an amazing month for us, as far as weather is concerned. Hovering above average temperatures up to this point with most days above 0°C, it's been exceptionally warm so far. However, that could unfortunately be changing after this weekend.

On average, February days are between a high of -1°C and a low of -12°C, and this upcoming weekend once again looks to be better than that with a high of 2°C tomorrow and 5°C on Sunday. After this, we'll see the start of a cold snap on Wednesday, as our high for that day is a frigid -21°C.

Meteorologist with Environment Canada Kyle Fougere explained this is because a low-pressure system will soon be coming in, and behind that system will be arctic air being dragged in. He said that arctic air will settle over us and will be difficult to get rid of.

"Once this cold air settles in, it gets really hard to move. It's very cold and dense and we're definitely expecting temperatures in the minus 30s in the province, it will be flirting with that in the Strathmore area for about three or four days and then things will slowly start to rise up again. But it's still expected to stay below normal pretty much through the month."

It's not just the rest of February that's looking cold, as Fougere said March is looking like it should be below average as well.

"When we look at the month of March, it's likely to start quite cold and there's definitely the potential for some more of these Arctic outbreaks. But it's not going to be as bad as the weather that we're going to see towards the end of next week. That will be exceptionally cold."

With our future looking to be a cold one, it may be best to enjoy the warmer temperatures now before we get hit with some arctic chills.

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