So, you went out and bought a ton of Stampede gear for Stampede weekend. Now that the weekend is over it could get put away for another year; but instead of just letting it collect dust, here are 5 ways you can use your Stampede gear after the Stampede!

1. Cowboy Hat

An all too common tragedy is when a soup lover has nowhere to put his soup. "I must eat the soup but have no way to do so", laments many a soup lover when presented with this conundrum. If you've been here before we have the perfect solution! Just simply turn that cowboy hat upside down, and boom, you have a perfectly wonderful soup bowl! Gone are the days where the delicious broth has eluded you because of a lack of a holding vessel. With your brand new "Cowboy Hat Soup Bowl" (pending trademark), you'll always be able to indulge in the decadent world of soup.

2. Cowboy Hat (again)

Ok, so maybe you aren't a cultured soup lover like the rest of us, so you're still stuck with a cowboy hat. Well, have no fear, because I guarantee this next trick will be perfect for you.

You know Odd Job? He's the famous James Bond villain with a hat that can cut through pure marble! He's become notorious for how overpowered he is in the Nintendo 64 classic "Golden Eye 007". Why don't you try becoming just like him with your cowboy hat? Like Odd Job's hat, a cowboy hat has a rim which makes it perfect for throwing. You can even think of cool cowboy villain catchphrases, like "you've yee'd your last haw", or "get cowed, boy". All you have to do is learn how to throw a cowboy hat with enough force to cut through marble, but that should be pretty simple.

3. Plaid Shirt

You can still wear a plaid shirt after Stampede, those look great all year round! 

Were you expecting all of these to be a joke? We can sometimes be serious as well!

4. Bolo Tie

A bolo tie is thin and small enough that you can repurpose it as a mini lasso! I know this is sort of cheating since you're using one Stampede thing to make another Stampede thing, but hear me out.

Have you ever been in a situation where you're on the couch and can't reach your TV remote on the table? With a mini lasso that won't be a problem anymore! Just lasso that remote over to you, and you'll never have to worry about getting up again! You can even use this in the office to grab things on your desk that are out of your reach. "Yee haw", you'll whisper to yourself quietly as you go through the monotony of sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day.

5. Cowboy Spurs

Oh boy, you really went all in didn't you? Unless you're a real cowboy, cowgirl, or any other type of person that finds themselves on top of a horse, there really isn't a reason to have spurs. Luckily for you, we have the perfect solution: mini pizza cutters.

If you ever plan on making pizzas that fit in the palm of your hand, you'll find that a regular pizza cutter is way too big and clumsy. Your prized petite pizza will be ruined before your very eyes! Those petite pizzas deserve only the finest precision and accuracy, and spurs can deliver just that.

There are many other ways you can repurpose your old Stampede gear into useful gadgets and tools, but these are just the five most common ones used by retired cowboys and cowgirls across the world. We hope you're able to put these ideas to good use!

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