The Strathmore Municipal Library has upgraded their S’mores Collections to the shiny new name, Special Collections.  

This is because of the increase in items thanks to new grant money. These new items aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill library books either.   

“I would say the investment in it is probably at least $6,000. It's all the grants that we have received for the library that made it possible for us to do it. The biggest grant is from the United Way of Calgary and Area partnership.” 

Carmen Erison explained that they really wanted to try and help families get outdoors together. “We have a great outdoor collection. Everything from an archery set to a tetherball set, croquet, corn hole. If you are going camping this year, come to the library because there are going to be so many great items to enhance your camping experience.”  

In a completely different collection, there is a wet/dry shop vac and an automotive scanner. Bird watching, a stamp kit for scrapbookers and a metal detector for treasure hunters are also available for free.  

“It’s all really quite large exciting items that are all free with a library card,” she continued. “Because library cards are now free, it’s easier to borrow these collections.”  

Another feature the library has enhanced is that all of these items are available online through Previously, those who wanted to rent out the items had to go to the library’s front desk to put a hold on an item or check it out.  

“We have a wood-burning kit and before you invest in your own toolkit, sometimes it's good to borrow it from the library and see if it's actually something you enjoy first.”