At the recent Municipal Planning Commission meeting (April 9), Wheatland County announced the approval of the Development Permit for the CGC Wallboard Manufacturing Plant.

This $210 million investment marks a significant collaborative effort between Wheatland County, CGC, the Government of Alberta, and Invest Alberta Corporation to drive regional economic development.

According to a press release, Throughout the approval process, CGC diligently assessed the potential impact of its operations on neighboring areas.

Recognizing the importance of community integration, CGC has implemented comprehensive measures to mitigate noise and visual disturbances, fostering collaboration with adjacent properties.

Situated within the Goldfinch Industrial area, the CGC Wallboard Manufacturing Plant will be strategically located northwest of Carseland, along the south side of TWP RD 222, spanning approximately 214 acres.

The development will feature a 220,000 ft facility dedicated exclusively to producing premium wallboard products.

Committed to operational excellence and environmental responsibility, CGC will employ advanced processes within enclosed systems to ensure minimal dust emissions during the treatment and processing of natural gypsum rock. The facility will operate without any hazardous materials or odors associated with its manufacturing processes.

The project is expected to generate around 200 local jobs during the construction and skilled trades phase.

Once operational, the CGC Wallboard Manufacturing Plant aims to create up to 100 permanent staff positions, offering long-term employment opportunities that will significantly benefit the community.

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