This year major league sports have shut down completely, stadiums are silent, and fans are waiting patiently for their return. This was an absolute necessity as we move through the uncertainty of this global epidemic.

The Western Women's Canadian Football League (WWCFL) had not started their season yet, but have already made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 season.

WWCFL Commisioneer Shawn Walter understands the disappointment that will be felt across the league will be immediate among players, coaches and fans. The executive team waited as long as they could before making this decision.

The safety of the players is of the highest importance, "From our standpoint as a league it came down to the safety of all our players and coaches, for the most part, we didn't want anyone to get sick, as well with some of the shutdowns across the three provinces we have teams in our athletes weren't going to be able to practice enough.   A lot of teams were losing their field time so at the end of things we had to decide the five executive members of the WWCFL and a member of each team."

The growth in women's football has the league seeing the positive and not looking at this as a setback but as a time to plan for the 2021 season and come back stronger, "We're going to work this entire offseason and make sure we promote the sport as much as possible.  There's a lot of cities in the three provinces that are developing girls programs and that's just helping the WWCFL and our ability to get in good quality athletes as much as possible," said Walter.

Most teams normally would start to get ready for the season indoors in February and once the snow is gone, move the practice and training outdoors.  With the season set to start the first week of May, the time simply is not there for athletes to prepare even if the season was able to start on time.

Although the season will not be going ahead for 2020, Walter notes that the players have a positive outlook and are already looking ahead to next season. If the opportunity arises later in the year where the teams can get back on the field, there has been an interest shown from the teams to run some camps, and get together for fun play to reconnect.

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