Brady Kautz and her grade 5 class is the Classroom of The Month winner for March!

The class at Trinity Christian Academy will be given a pizza party from Boston Pizza right here in Strathmore.

I spoke to Brady about how excited she is.

"Oh, my goodness, I was so excited, and I just feel very honored for the person who nominated us," Brady said. 

Brady shared what her favorite memory from this year was.

"We took a field trip to Grace Park, and while we were there, it had rained the day before and while we were there a couple of the girls decided that they wanted to go in the mud, but it was like quicksand. It was insane, we had to leave a pair of girls boots there because they were completely engulfed in the wetlands. I had to call the vice principal to come get them because they didn't have any shoes. It was at the end of the day. So, I had one teacher stay with the girls who were going to get driven by the vice principal, who got mud all over his car. And I was running back with the other kids. The bell was about to ring. They were about to miss their buses. But now it is something I can look back at and laugh" Kautz said. 

A huge congratulations to the grade 5 class at Trinity Chrisitan Academy! 

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Thank you to Audra Reinhardt from CIR Reality and Boston Pizza from Strathmore for sponsoring Classroom of The Month. 

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