Strathmore welcomed 150 brown trout to Kinsmen Lake on Thursday (May 2).

The fish were freshly delivered from the renowned Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery in Calgary. 

Managed under the watchful eye of Environment and Protected Areas in Alberta, the recreational fish stocking initiative is geared towards amplifying angling opportunities. Annually, the program supplies over 240 lakes across the region with approximately 2.1 million hatchery-reared trout.

However, to safeguard the integrity of native trout populations, a strategic approach is taken. The trout introduced into Alberta's water bodies are carefully bred to be sterile, possessing a triploid genetic makeup. This genetic manipulation ensures they cannot interbreed with native species, mitigating the risk of genetic dilution or depletion.

These sterile trout prioritize growth over reproduction, rendering them ideal candidates for stocking into trout ponds for harvest, thereby ensuring sustainable recreational fishing practices.

As the brown trout settle into their new home in Strathmore, anticipation mounts among local anglers eager to test their skills against these newcomers. 

Kinsmen Park offers free fishing to those 16 and under and anglers over 65.