The cold December weather isn't all bad news, as the freezing temperatures will bring the annual outdoor skating rinks with it!

This year we can expect three skating locations, being:

  • Strathmore Ag Grounds/ Lions Outdoor Rink
  • Terry Ray Clark Park
  • Kinsmen Lake

While there's no set date for when the rinks will be available, Town of Strathmore's Marketing and Communications Analyst Danielle Jensen said they're planning on starting to flood the Lions Outdoor Rink next week, as consistent temperatures below -10 °C are needed, and next week's forecast is calling for that. Following that rink, the town will then prepare Terry Ray Clark Park. As for Kinsmen Park, that lake will of course naturally freeze on its own and will be monitored to see when it's safe for skating.

"The Operations Team routinely monitors the ice conditions at Kinsmen Lake. Ice Condition signs will indicate if the ice is safe for recreational use. Once the ice has been deemed safe, we ask that people stay to the areas that have been cleared for use. These are the areas that are determined to be safe based upon the ice conditions. Kinsmen Lake is a storm pond, certain areas of the lake may have runoff water flowing beneath the ice creating unstable conditions," Jensen said.

As for the man-made outdoor rinks, the town of course monitors these as well and closes them when they're not suitable for skating. Jensen explained they usually close it when we get warmer winter weather, but reopen the rinks once cold weather returns and they can reflood the rinks.

If you have any questions or concerns about the outdoor rinks, you can contact the operations team at 403-361-2126, or use the Citizens Communication Form.

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