When it comes time to change your address on your license or update information with the government, it has always been a bit of an inconvenience.

But Gold Key Registries in town has been experiencing a great number of customers in the last few weeks which has increased their wait times.

Julia Marshall, President of Gold Key Insurance and Registries explained that they have been almost twice as busy lately.

"The recent address change for all of the people in Wheatland County has increased that, but the majority of the lineup, 90 per cent of them are the ones doing a change of address. I'm hoping a lot of them got it done."

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Gold Key has implemented a ticketing system to help keep track of those in line. Since the weather has been nicer, they have also asked people to wait in their cars or stand outside.

"Take a number and plan to maybe get some groceries after. Go and see one of the downtown businesses and support them. I know I have some response from the other business saying they have appreciated the lineups because their business has increased," she chuckled.

Marshall recommends using your own judgment to see how fast the line is going. She said that most people have been really great with how long the wait has been, and have even dropped off flowers and food for the girls working upfront.

"We are trying our best. We are not untouchable, just like every other business in town that is trying to keep their employees safe. I would say that 99 per cent of the people that have been coming in are great. We understand that when someone reacts negatively there might be more going on in their life or their day."