The Strathmore Spartans Sr. Girls' basketball team took home the win at the 3A Provincial championship for the second year in a row with a 70-68 win!

"Still doesn't feel real. It's weird to think of especially being in grade 12 and winning at home. It kind of feels like a movie experience more than anything," expressed Spartans Sr. Girls basketball player Madison Davidson. 

Davidson talks about what the team was feeling in the last moments left of the game before they took home the championship. 

"I remember there was like a couple minutes left. The other team was shooting free throws and the score kept getting closer together and I was just thinking like, oh, we're gonna win this. I was confident that we wanted to win, and we were going to."

"My goal was to get the ball and run around the court to run down the time and try not to let anyone follow me," said another player, Tessa Galandy.

Once the team won the championship, the energy was unmatched. 

"We were jumping up and down and then the guys came running onto the court too. We're jumping with them. Lots of hugging. The hometown crowd was pretty cool, too," expressed Davidson.

As for where Davidson and Galandy go from here, they have decided to not pursue basketball in post-secondary.

"I think I am done now. I still haven't processed that was like my last basketball game. I am trying not to think about it," said Davidson.

"Same for me. I'm not playing post-secondary next year, and it is weird to think that that was my last game ever. I still haven't come to terms with that yet" said Galandy.

The girls leave off by saying how grateful they are for the amount of support that the team has received.

"Winning in our home gym, seeing the amount of people that came out to support women's basketball. It was an experience I know we'll never forget," said Galandy.

PlayersLeft to right: Madison Davidson and Tessa Galandy.

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