Earlier this year, the Strathmore Fire Department (SFD) donated equipment to show support for Ukraine. They donated 10 sets of turnout gear, also known as bunker gear, which has an approximate value of $50 000. In response to the SFD making this generous donation, Origin Malting and Brewing is hosting a fundraiser on October 22 to support the SFD!

SFD Fire Chief David Sturgeon explained the importance of the donation made.

"Anyone who’s seen footage of the war in Ukraine understands how important firefighting equipment is to the response there. Even though the equipment we donated had reached the end of its usable lifespan for Canadian guidelines, it can still be a valuable contribution to the emergency response in Ukraine. This can be the difference between having life saving equipment and having nothing. If people are called up to serve as firefighters then it’s about having adequate equipment to protect their lives,” he said.

Since the equipment donated was no longer suitable for Canadian guidelines, the SFD doesn't need to replace anything. The equipment in Ukraine can still be a huge help for people who desperately need safety equipment for rescues though.

As for the fundraiser, Vice President of the SFD Firefighters' Association Brandon Thompson explained fundraising is done year round to support community initiatives done by the SFD.

“All of our funds help to benefit the community, either through important new equipment like the scene lighting on our rescue truck, through fire prevention education, or other projects. The Hope’s Cradle project constructed last December was fully funded through the Firefighters’ Association and the Gems for Gems charity," he said.

Both Sturgeon and Thompson are grateful to Origin for organizing this fundraiser.

“Community support is so important to what we do. Origin Brewing is a steadfast supporter of the Strathmore Fire Department and we’re very grateful that they’ve stepped up with this fundraiser," said Sturgeon.

"Origin has been amazing to work with on this. They’re hosting and organizing the event, and our firefighters are volunteering shifts to work the silent auction. We’ll also be at the event to show our support and meet the community,” added Thompson.

To show your support for the SFD head to Origin Malting and Brewing on October 22. Doors open at 5:00 PM tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door, with dinner included and provided by Hunger Paynes there will also be both a live and silent auction, as well as live music from Greg Rider starting at 9:00 PM!

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