The Town of Strathmore has hosted a number of community engagement sessions with an aim at bringing the public together to speak about topics that relate to health and wellness.

The two most recent sessions were held on January 18 and 19th.

These virtual Community Conversations explore who members of the public would like to see in Strathmore to help support the wellness of community members.

Victoria Odell, Social Development Coordinator with Strathmore FCSS explains that the Community Conversations are an open forum for community members to bring up concerns, thoughts, or ideas surrounding wellness in the Strathmore area.

“We are seeking information from community members about what they believe are strengths about Strathmore, what they love about living here, and how we, as a community, can strengthen these areas to provide better mental health and overall wellness for every community member,” said Odell.

“From these conversations, we hope community members and organizations will be interested in developing a community project together with support from FCSS and the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Rural Mental Health Project,” she said.

The goal of each session is for members of the public to have conversations and to express their concerns without feeling confined to a certain theme.

So far there have been five sessions, but there are plans to continue the sessions into the month of February.

According to Odell, information gathered at the sessions will be used to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

“After our initial Community Conversations, we will be developing a project plan for the coming year. We would love any and all community members to join this project – any age, any stage, no experience required. For any community member looking for more information on the Rural Mental Health Project as a whole, they can find more information here:

More information about the Community Conversations can be found here