A lifeline has been given to the Fekkes family to bring Deanna home. 

Deanna's husband Paul and her daughter Brianna have been working around the clock in Strathmore and in the Dominican Republic to find a way to bring Deanna home after she was admitted to the hospital on her vacation in the Dominican and required 2 emergency surgeries. 

To bring Deanna home requires a medical evacuation flight with a price tag of 75 to 85 thousand dollars US.  The Fekkes family was trying to work with the insurance company but were told they were only going to cover up to 25,000 of the cost.

On Thursday Brianna explained the family was told they had less than 72 hours to come up with the remainder of the cost of the flight or insurance would close the claim and no help with the cost at all would be provided. 

After the turmoil of the last two weeks, the family finally received a lifeline to get Deanna back to Canada, "I think between all the social media, the stories, and my dad's HR department at work,  the President and CEO of AXA Insurance called and they are medically flying my mom back to Canada hopefully within the next 48 hours." 

Brianna said that the insurance company will now be covering the full cost of the flight, she expressed how much this means to her family but also to her dad who has been trying to support his wife but also find a way to get her home, "A huge weight has been lifted off of his shoulders, he called me and it was within seconds we both broke down on the phone and we're like 'Oh my god.'"

The two surgeries that Deanna underwent in the Dominican were unfortunately not successful with the second aiming to correct the complications from the first, when that didn't happen a third surgery was suggested which made Deanna incredibly scared to go through with it Brianna said.  Getting her home to have another surgery in Canada has put the family's mind at ease.

"It's incredible I can't believe that we've managed to get enough social media presence and get her story out so that they heard us and she can come home." 

With Deanna requiring a third surgery when she returns to Canada Brianna hopes that she will be able to see her mother in the hospital on Mother's Day.

With a long road recovery ahead of her Deanna will be out of work for a minimum of 2 months as she has a very physical job as a house cleaner in Strathmore, Langdon, and surrounding areas, which she wants to get back to, a gofundme was started to help with additional costs.  For right now though Brianna said all that matters is getting her home and supporting her through her healing.