Chantelle De Jonge is the United Conservative Party's (UCP) MLA candidate for Chestermere-Strathmore in the upcoming provincial election.  

The reason De Jonge says she got into politics is simple, “I love this province and every day that I go out and I fight for this province, I'm reminded of our presidential motto on our flag underneath our crest, strong and free.” 

De Jonge has a background in economics and had worked with the federal Conservative Member of Parliament and prior to that had a trade diploma in dental assisting.  

“Being the president of my professional association in that decade, serving others is something that I find very meaningful.” 

De Jonge explained that this is the most important election in Alberta’s history and said Danielle Smith and the UCP want to keep Alberta moving forward by growing and diversifying our economy. “By job prosperity, the UCP is also protecting the services and the values that Albertans hold dear. 

If elected, De Jonge plans to be a strong conservative voice for the area and believes the Chestermere-Strathmore area is very unique in the sense that a small community has unique needs and challenges. To become that strong voice for the public, De Jonge feels that being active in the community throughout this period leading up to the election shows that there will be representation for the community.

“By being accessible, by understanding what the concerns are, and by being in government you are able to move forward on the things that help Chestermere and Strathmore succeed.” 

De Jonge expressed that Alberta is leading the country in economic growth and all forecasts are showing that this trend is only going to continue. 

“The UCP did that, and the UCP needs to remain government in order to build that. We're also welcoming historic numbers of new Albertans to this province. Families from across Canada are coming to participate in the renewed Alberta Advantage, and again it was the UCP.”  

“Under the UCP, we have seen major investments from international companies, and this was especially exciting for our own riding because we are seeing it very close to home with De Havilland and Phyto Organix.” 

De Jonge explains another issue that is important to the UCP is healthcare.

“We're doing the hard work of fixing Alberta's healthcare system for our families once and for all. We're making the changes our system needs to improve by launching the healthcare action plan, targeting emergency response times, decreasing hospital wait times, reducing surgical wait times or restoring frontline decision making and there was a 90-day update that confirmed the healthcare action plan is working.” 

De Jonge is urging Albertans in the Chestermere-Strathmore area to vote for the UCP for one  main reason:  “To keep all this incredible work that the UCP has done going and to ensure that Alberta continues to be this economic engine of this country, that's what keeps Albertans working and prosperous and ensures that Alberta continues to be this beacon of opportunity.” 

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