Raj Jessel is the NDP's MLA candidate for Chestermere-Strathmore in the upcoming provincial election.

Jessel said his two main priorities are affordable living and healthcare.

"I want to ensure that people can pay their bills at the end of the month all the time, not just in the few weeks before an election, and that they are excited about the diverse and innovative opportunities in our economy for the future," he said 

One focus of Jessel's that ties both affordable living and healthcare together is the Alberta NDP's plan for Family Health Teams, which he explains, "Will bring primary care to one million more Albertans and ensure you never ever have to pay out of pocket to see a doctor."  Family Health Teams is a concept that hopes to give families across Alberta easy access to a wide variety of health professionals, by having doctors in communities that work closely and are linked to other medical professionals like mental health therapists, physiotherapists, midwives, speech-language therapists, and more.

Saying "The UCP has only made life harder and more expensive," Jessel believes an NDP government could address the issues that he believes were caused by the UCP, which to him again ties back to his main belief that life needs to be more affordable.

"Rachel Notley and my colleagues and I at the Alberta NDP are focused on the things that matter to you: making sure you have access to a doctor, helping your family manage the cost-of-living, and building a resilient Alberta economy with good-paying jobs and investment opportunities."

Living in Chestermere for the last 15 years, Jessel says he "truly loves this community" and has been very involved in community affairs. Working as a transit driver, he says he became very involved with his local union and now serves as an executive board member with the local ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union) 583. He also sat on the board of the Chestermere Library, and says, "With my teaching background I know how important it is to listen to people and their concerns." His history of community involvement and love of community motivated him to enter politics, as he hopes to make life better for the community he loves so much.

"If you want a government that is focused on connecting one million Albertans with a family doctor and a Family Health Team, making sure families can pay their bills, and building a resilient jobs economy, then I suggest an Alberta NDP government represents your values best."

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