Centre Adam Hakim is your Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week.

Hakim, just 18 years old, is playing his first year with the Kings.

“I learned to skate before I knew how to walk, so I have been playing hockey as early as I could."

He was born in Calgary but moved to Chestermere when he was four years old and has been living there since.

“I started playing hockey in Chestermere, then I quit for a bit when I was in Atom so I could pursue martial arts, but I started playing hockey again in Peewee and went on to play for Chestermere AA and Calgary Hockey Academy."

After that, Hakim played for the Wheatland Warriors in Batam and the Chiefs for both years of Midget, and from there he went on to play for the Wheat Kings.

Hakim has played 21 games with the Kings in his first year and has plans to stay longer.

“The team and coaches have been great, and if it were possible, I want to play out my four years with the Kings."

Hakim currently attends Mount Royal University in Calgary, where he studies computer science.

When he isn't on the ice, Hakim can be found in the garage fixing up cars with his dad.

“When I first turned 16, I bought my first car for $500 from the junkyard, and me and my dad built it up, and now it's a show car. So that takes up a lot of my time."

Hakim is also a musician and plays both guitar and piano in his spare time.

He thanks his family for supporting him throughout his hockey career and the Kings coaches for giving him a shot.

“It has been a great experience with the team. Everyone is awesome, and we all get along great. Manager Lee Smith is amazing,” Hakim said.

Young Adam HakimYoung Adam Hakim playing hockey.

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