Wet Weather Continue to Slow Harvest Progress

According to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's latest crop report, 33 per cent of crops have been harvested in Alberta as of last week.

This is less than one per cent progress made since the previous report.

The report says, farmers are hoping for warm fall days to finish what's been a taxing start to this year's harvest because of rain and snow.

 Read the latest crop report for September 25th.


Minimizing the Risk of Grain Spoilage

Farmers looking to minimize the risk of grain spoilage in wet, harvesting years like this are looking at grain drying options.

Dr. Joy Agnew with the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute says, for every 10 degrees you can increase the temperature of the air going into the bin, you reduce the moisture content by cutting the relative humidity in half.


Changes to New Chicken Industry Program

Chicken farmers across Canada are rolling out the latest changes to the Raised by a Canadian Farmer Animal Care Program.

The new program is enhanced in areas like the environment, bird monitoring and handling, as well as health care practices, and emergency management and preparedness.

 Chicken Farmers of Canada says, this reinforces the importance of having one national program implemented on farms from coast to coast.


'Legendairy' Fun Fact!

Your Monday Agriflash fun fact is there are over 500 dairy farms in Alberta and they're all family operated.


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