The Government of Alberta has launched an online survey to gather feedback from Albertans on auto insurance in the province.

According to the Government of Alberta, auto insurance rates have been increasing across Canada, with repair costs, parts shortages, vehicle theft, and higher personal injury and legal costs all contributing.

The online survey focuses on several key areas, including affordability, stability, simplicity, being care-focused, and taking into account accountability.

"We have been working hard to devise a long-term solution to rising auto insurance costs. As we weigh our options to improve the system, we need to hear from Albertans with their thoughts and experiences. Their feedback will help us choose the right path to keep auto insurance affordable and sustainable," said President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Nate Horner. 

The province asked independent experts to look at systems that could reduce auto insurance costs and improve the insurance industry's sustainability and stability. It said Oliver Wyman focused on comparing average premiums under different auto insurance systems across Canada. 

"The Nous Group examined the broader costs and benefits of these different auto insurance models. No decisions have been made on the changes that will be made to Alberta's auto insurance system. These reports will be used to inform future engagements and policies." 

 Automobile Insurance Rate Board chair Jamie Hotte said they encourage all Alberta drivers to participate in the online public engagement survey to share their views on what they value and expect from their auto insurance.

"I know without reforms to address the rising cost of accident claims, auto insurance premiums will continue to increase," Hotte said. 

Albertans can read the Oliver Wyman and Nous Group reports online, as well as summaries that provide background and context for the survey.

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