As we look ahead in the forecast this week we may not be done with snowfall in the area just yet.

Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada Kyle Fougere explained a significant low-pressure system will be making its way into Saskatchewan, and while we won't be seeing the worst of the weather it will still impact us.

“In the Strathmore area we're expecting there will likely be some scattered showers today (Tuesday) and on Wednesday some more precipitation will move into the area likely starting as rain, but switching over to snow at some point Wednesday night and then Thursday, it's likely to just be snow in the area.”

The good news though is that if we do see the snow come our way we may only see 2 to 4 centimetres and with the temperatures looking to stay above freezing the snow could melt as quickly as it falls.

Fougere noted the system that is tracking towards us is quite a strong and large system that actually could have more of an effect on our neighbours in Saskatchewan.

“They're going to see really poor winter conditions in Southern Saskatchewan and we're going to see some lighter snowfall for Alberta, including the Strathmore area, it is going to affect southern Alberta really from Tuesday right through Thursday.”

Fougere said with the system being as large and slow moving as it is, we may see it last over the next couple of days. He also added that we may only be expecting 2-4 centimetres but Southern Saskatchewan could see up to 20.

This area seems to be dodging the snow this time around but as Fougere pointed out this is Alberta after all and in the past we have averaged up to 12 centimetres of snow in Strathmore and surrounding areas into May, so keep the snowbrush in your vehicle for a few more weeks just in case.

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