Halloween (October 31) is fast approaching and with that, so is winter. The weather for the next three days is looking to have temperatures in the mid to high teens and twenties but that isn't set to last.  

Weather Preparedness Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Natalie Hasel said we are experiencing weather that is warmer than normal at the moment, but we will be getting flurries into next week. 

"The chance of flurries starts on Sunday night with the frontal passage. Then we'll still be in cloudy conditions in the right temperatures for precipitation and some of that likely to be snow, although right now it doesn't look like we're talking about very intense or strongly accumulating amounts."

The temperature is expected to drop on Tuesday (October 24), so right now might be a good chance to start winterizing things like vehicles and getting some new tires.

"The roads be difficult when temperatures during the day are around plus seven, because often when we're at +7, the temperatures at night are close to 0 or slightly colder, so we'll see that transition happen either this weekend or into Monday. So, if you can get your tires swapped soon and do the other work that you need to do now."

The outlook for what the weather will look like for Halloween is a bit far for ECCC to predict at the moment, but The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting that October 29 - 31 may see a few showers and mild temperatures. They also say that temperatures are above average, but precipitation is 10mm below. 

As always make sure that your Halloween costume will be able to either fit over a snowsuit of a heavy coat just in case.

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