The Strathmore Theatre Players' Guild (STPG) is holding auditions for its upcoming play "Snow White, a Pantomime" on September 4 and 5.

Co-Director of the play Lynn Elkin encourages everyone to audition, as there are many fun roles to get involved with that accommodate for all levels of experience and skill.

"For any student that really enjoys the arts or are interested in pursuing it in some way... It's a great way to get some additional experience before you head into that next level," Elkin said, regarding casting high school students.

The play will feature all the traditional Snow White characters, like Snow White (obviously), the Wicked Witch, henchman, the Magic Mirror, and the seven dwarves. Beyond these lead roles, there are plenty of smaller roles that would be perfect for someone to dip their toes into the acting world without too much pressure.

"It's a great opportunity for somebody who maybe has never been on stage before and would love to try, but is afraid of speaking. So they get to get up there and see what it feels like, it'll be a lot of fun," Elkin said.

"We need a wicked forest, how do you do a wicked forest without people to be the trees? There's so many opportunities in some of the group scenes that take place," she added.

While the doors are open for newer actors, the STPG also features several actors with decades of professional experience. This allows for the upcoming Snow White play to have the best of both worlds: the audience can enjoy a high-quality production run by people with professional experience, while also introducing new actors to the stage and having fun.

A pantomime is a family-friendly comedy full of physical comedy, slapstick elements, and topical jokes. Even if you aren't one of the lead characters there will be plenty of opportunity for background characters to be a part of the show too!

"It's a great script. It's one of the best pantomime scripts I've read. It's very funny and it's fast-paced and the characters are very well drawn out," co-director Angela Reeves added.

If you're interested in auditioning you can reach out to the STPG through their Facebook pagewebsite, or email You must register in advance for an audition, so be sure to reach out first if you want to be involved in the production.

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