The Strathmore Musical Arts Society is presenting The Bamboo Guppies, featuring opening act Dennis Toner at the Strathmore Travelodge. 

Rich Kawa is the drummer for the Bamboo Guppies and he explained how he became a member of the group. 

"Our bass player at that time phoned me up out of the blue because I had my name up in the music store in Lethbridge and I thought it'd be time to start getting back in the saddle. He had said Hey, so I hear you play drums. Would you like to come out for an audition? I said, yeah, sure. Why not?" said Kawa. 

The Bamboo Guppies hail from Lethbridge and Coaldale and they are a three-piece party band.

Kawa, Jason Eveleigh, and JP Lorge are the band's frontmen. They are a three-piece party band consisting of lead vocals, bass guitars, and drums along with vocals and harmonies.

Each member of the band has over 30 years of professional entertaining experience.

"A BBQ we performed for in July of 2003 was our first gig together and the rest is all history."

The Guppies are crowd-pleasers. They have a wide array of popular tunes, They say that they are equally comfortable playing anything from weddings and hockey dances to parties and nightclubs. 

"A night with the Bamboo Guppies will have you slow dancing with your favorite partner just before pumping your fist in the air singing along with the words to any one of a multitude of popular cover tunes. Before you know it you’ll be two stepping to some chart topping country favorites followed by jiving to some 50/60’s rock'n'roll," its said on the Bamboo Guppies website. 

The doors will open at 6 p.m. on February. 10 at the Strathmore Travelodge. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. and the concert will begin at 8 p.m.

"It's a fundraiser for the Musical Arts Society in Strathmore. So I'm hoping that they can fill every spot."

Tickets can be purchased here

More information can be found on the Strathmore Musical Arts Society website. 

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