It's fair to say Foothills MP John Barlow and the rest of the Conservative Party are not big fans of any form of Federal carbon tax.

Barlow says if the Feds implement their tax, it's going to hit farmers and ranchers in his riding hard, which he says doesn't seem to matter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"He wants to see higher gas prices because he believes Canadians will just take public transit or ride their bike. But, as you know in our part of the country that just isn't possible. My cattle ranchers can't haul cattle in a Toyota Prius."

Barlow says the issue is divisive, not along the old "East versus West" split, but is becoming a battle of "Urban versus Rural."

Barlow says the plan floated by the PM last week that would see carbon taxes kick in on big industrial polluters only after they've reached a certain amount of green house gas emssions, higher than first planned, won't do much for average Canadians who will still be pounded by any federal carbon tax, while big businesses get a break.


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