Black cats have all sorts of myths and stories behind them, for example some may think that they bring bad luck and because of these myths, they seem to be getting overlooked in shelters. 

A volunteer for Happy Cat Sanctuary and a feline foster mom Debbie Jensen explains that Happy Cat has seen an influx of black cats, but nobody seems to want them do to myths about them.  

“People don’t want them because they think that they bring bad luck and people actually believe that.”  

The adoption fee at Happy Cat Sanctuary is $200 for a kitten, $175 for an adult and then $150 for a senior but they had to cut the fees by $50 back in January due to the increase and overpopulation. 

“We had a lot of cats and so there's an overpopulation like all the shelters are overwhelmed with cats right now.” 

Jensen thinks the reason for the overpopulation of cats is because people got them for their kids back in the mix of the pandemic when they were home all of the time. 

“It costs a lot to get a cat fixed when they're ready to be fixed. They don't want to be bothered trying to get them fixed because they can't afford it, so they just drop them off.”  

Jenner also mentioned that people can be quite cruel to black cats because of their believes systems on them. 

“It's quite a thing with black cats, especially around Halloween people find black cats outside and they'll torture them and all kinds of things because they're bad luck. 

“Every once and a while we will have a person call and they will want a black cat specifically and that is always good, but it doesn’t happen often at all.”  

Happy Cat Sanctuary is always looking for volunteers, if you would like to volunteer give them a call at 403-804-8571.  

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