The Calgary Mustangs have received all of their letters of support to relocate to Strathmore after forty seasons in Calgary.    The final letter of support was given by the town of Strathmore on March 6, and after looking at a number of other towns within Alberta the Mustangs found Strathmore to be a good fit for all requirements to support this level of the hockey team. 

Mike Cartney President of the Calgary Mustangs said, "We approached Strathmore town council because the fan base in Calgary has stretched its entertainment dollar to the limit and we wanted to keep the franchise in Alberta and Strathmore was a good fit for our criteria when deciding to move the team which included arena size and local business support.  We want to provide the best experience for our athletes and all of the players are looking for post-secondary education and we help facilitate that through a high level of play." 

The decision to relocate to Strathmore is to billet the players in town and for the athletes to become a part of the town and live within its borders and to become part of the fabric of the town and not just a surface player.  The AJHL will now conduct their due diligence on the town and they have a thirty-day window to come to a verdict.